• ​A knot of party guests pauses to chat in a light-washed seating area overlooking a quiet pond. Two weeping willows on the far bank sweep over their reflections in the water.

  • ​With one touch, you change the programmed mood of your lighting, from subtle background scenery to brighter party lighting.

​​In addition to visual appeal, we also choose lamps and fixtures proven to withstand the East End's maritime climate. You won't have to worry about your lights disintegrating with the first nor'easter to blow through, or rusting after one season in the salt air.​​​

Sean's designs are meticulously executed to provide maximum effect with minimal intrusion. We work hard so you don't see the wizard behind the curtain. Uplights and well lights are invisible from key vantage points. Our technicians are masters at carefully positioning downlights in a way that keeps the lamp itself out of view. Wires running from the ground are painted to match tree trunks so they're virtually invisible.​​

The result is an illuminated landscape you will enjoy for years.

About Sean Heaney

Sean Heaney began his career as an electrician, growing up in the family business. Dennis Heaney, an innovative landscape lighting designer in his own right, sparked his son's interest by involving him in mockups for clients at a very young age. As Sean's experience and creativity grew, he was able to meld his solid grounding in the mechanics of electrical wiring with a creative passion for what could be achieved with imaginatively designed exterior lighting.

Unlike most landscape lighting specialists, Sean is a fully licensed electrical contractor. Why is that important? Without those credentials, our competitors have two options. They can stick to low-voltage lighting, which requires only a limited electrician's license, but affects the range of lighting options they can offer. Or they can bring in a licensed electrician to complete the job, decreasing job continuity and quality control. 

The Illuminations Difference

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When you engage Illuminations to design your landscape lighting, you can be confident that the job will be done right: safely, professionally and thoroughly. Sean and his crew have a rare depth of experience in every aspect of the business, from selecting the perfect fixtures and lamps for your installation to donning full arborist's gear and climbing high into your trees to achieve your desired effect. 

Anybody can toss some lights in a tree and call it landscape lighting. 

Almost nobody has the skill and expertise to transform a nighttime landscape into an illuminated wonderland, marked by subtly lit "rooms" and dramatic highlights.

Even more rare is the landscape lighting designer with the ability to let you walk through a mockup of your illuminated nightscape before you commit to buy anything.

That's the Illuminations difference. 

Our philosophy is simple. Landscape lighting should allow you to enjoy your entire property, day or night, summer or winter. You have a substantial investment in trees, hedges, specimen plantings, follies and other exterior features. Without lighting, that investment vanishes with the sunset.

Properly lit, with an appreciation for the unique characteristics of your property, your exterior home becomes something to be cherished any time you want to walk through it or simply admire it from a distance.

  • You're relaxing in the living room, and your eye drifts across the yard to the interplay of light and shadow on the gnarled trunk of a beloved beech tree.