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The human eye can discern several billion colors, as well as nearly endless variation in light and darkness. And then there's three-dimensional sight as opposed to two-dimensional flat images.

No photograph, no matter how amazing, is going to capture the complex interplay of light and dark, the stunning array of color shadings, and the multidimensional textures of a Sean Heaney nightscape. 

And there are very few people who can look out over their property and know with certainty that they want this sycamore lit with a yellowish cast, that group of hydrangeas downlit in a soft wash. Landscape lighting is an art form with an infinite array of possibilities. For most people, the phrase "I'll know it when I see it" pretty much sums it up.

Before taking your job, Sean will spend time conferring with you about how you envision your nighttime landscape. Together, you'll evaluate the property's existing natural and built features. You'll discuss where attention should be drawn, and what kinds of lighting solutions might best serve your aims.

With a strong sense of what you want in the finished product, the next step is to give you a look at the possibilities. Sean discovered many years ago that the best way to show a property's lighting potential is to actually execute a partial mockup, using temporary wiring and fixtures, that allows clients to walk through their grounds and experience its multidimensional reality.

It's not easy, and it's an expensive proposition, sometimes taking days to stage. You won't find many landscape lighting designers willing to invest all that time and money with no commitment from the potential client. But more often than not, the mockup provides that "Aha!" moment when a client's face lights up with a realization of the possibilities. 

Because once you realize what's possible, our expertise can bring your unique vision to light.

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