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Landscape lighting is fun to design. It draws on technical expertise and rewards creative thinking. But like most things in life, there's a lot more to it than the initial excitement. Trees grow. Storms knock wires and fixtures out of place. Bulbs blow out. Homes are sold and new owners have different ideas about what they want.

Unfortunately, many landscape lighting designers are all about the excitement of new installations. They're not all that interested in the less glamorous job of maintenance. But when a lamp blows out 40 feet up a tree, someone needs to climb up there and replace it.

Our installations are planned with growth in mind. Breakaway straps will give, not dig into branches as they thicken. And as plantings grow, lighting should be adjusted to keep up. An array of lights that captured the essence of a tree perfectly on installation is bound to lose some impact when that tree is ten feet taller. 

Our commitment to you doesn't end when the last light is installed. Illuminations has a full crew available to maintain our own installations, as well as everyone else's. Call us anytime your lighting needs a fix – minor or major – or talk to us about a regular maintenance arrangement where we can keep your lighting in top condition year-round.

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