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Execution. Now that you've seen the design brought to life, we'll work with you to fine tune  your project and implement the final design. Illuminations integrates various kinds and styles of lighting to achieve breathtaking effects:

  • Flame. Employing uplighting to frame a singular tree or small stand of trees, this effect draws the eye up the tree's structure with strong, focused light that sets the structure of the tree visually afire.

  • Wash. Gentle lighting that draws the eye across the landscape, or from one focal point to another.

  • Moonlight. Downlighting that offers a gently illuminated view of low plantings and garden spaces.

  • Sculpture. Sean's own innovation, a technique that uses lights strategically placed within a tree to create texture and depth in the interplay of shadow and light.​​

Preview. With a mutual understanding of your goals for the property and how they can be attained, Sean will bring his experience and creativity to bear coming up with the right design for you. Using temporary fixtures, Sean's crew will build a "try before you buy" mockup of the key design components on site. Other landscape lighting companies don't offer this service, but we feel strongly that this is the best way for you to fully appreciate the impact our landscape lighting will have.

Consultation. An evaluation of your home's exterior environment and a conversation about how you use the space now and how you would like to use the space if it was more visually available at night. Sean will work to gain an understanding of your goals and then suggest strategies to bring those goals to light. Every property is different, and every homeowner's lifestyle and taste are unique. Sean will not seek to impose a style on you – he will help you showcase your individuality through a creatively realized nightscape. This is a collaborative process; your involvement is vital.

When you visualize your dream home, you're not thinking just about the interior. As much attention goes into choosing an exterior style as does to selecting the perfect countertops and lighting fixtures. Gardens, gazebos, specimen plantings – all are selected to reflect your unique vision of what home should be. Illuminate your exterior space and extend your enjoyment of it to fully suit your lifestyle.

​Here's what to expect when you bring Sean Heaney in to consult on your landscape lighting options:

The Illuminations experience

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